Professor Stephen Hawking supports London City Swim

Professor Stephen Hawking, has thrown his support behind London City Swim, a sponsored swim in aid of motor neurone disease (MND).  The event supported by the Motor Neurone Disease Association and The Stephen Hawking Foundation, will allocate all funds raised to support project MinE, an international research initiative of an unprecedented scale devoted to discovering the genetic cause of MND. The ultimate goal is to identify genes that are associated with MND. The function of these genes may lead to disease pathways for which treatment can be developed.

Prof Hawking said: “I am delighted to see this great swim come to London. Please jump in and swim for me and all of us with MND, you can really make a difference. With your help we can get closer to finding a cure!”

The first annual City Swim took place in 2012 in Amsterdam, in 2015 a swim was launched in New York, and in 2017 the first annual London Swim will take place in Royal Victoria Docks.

Internationally the city swims have raised over £7.6 million for research into motor neurone disease.