Health and Safety

United Kingdom inland waters are not completely safe for swimming, although risks of disease are low and risks of serious infection are minute. A swimmer may be susceptible to infection through immune suppression, particularly if he or she is not in good health at the time of swimming.

If you have any known medical condition (such as diabetes, asthma, allergy to penicillin) please inform us prior to the race in writing. There is a health section on the registration form.

For everyone, if you feel unwell on the day of the event, do NOT swim.

The water in the Royal Docks is tested every two weeks (by organisations that swim regularly in the docks) against EU Bathing regulations, to ensure the purity is perfect for open water swimming. The water is slightly salty, but clean, and is likely to be a similar temperature to rivers.

There will be a safety team in place at the event, including kayakers in the water.