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about London City Swim?

What time does the swim start?

The first wave usually take place at 5pm, we encourage you to get to the venue one hour before at the latest to familiarise yourself with the venue, registration and to get your wetsuit and swimmers pack in time for your wave.

How warm will the water be?

We expect the water to be between 17 and 20 degrees C at the end of September, perfect for a swim!

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are not compulsory. The water in September will probably be around 17 to 20 degrees,. If you are not acclimatised to swimming in cold water without a wetsuit, we recommend that you wear one.

Where can I find detailed info about the London City Swim?

The Swimmers’ Information Pack will be available to download closer to the event. We have also aimed to give as much information throughout this site.

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I don't have a towfloat, does this matter?

All swimmers have the opportunity to use a towfloat. Our partners Swim Secure are supplying towfloats for use on the day. These will be supplied to all swimmers if requested, and must be returned after use.